Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen truly incredible shows of adoration and support from the anime community. In 2014, over 250 passionate fans came together to re-animate an episode of Sailor Moon. This year, over 30 animators stepped up to the task of re-interpreting the iconic opening to the first Pokémon anime series.

As we look toward 2015, though, it seems that Saitama is ready to shock the world with a bold new artistic direction!

Earlier today, YouTuber Jim Boom released his personal take on One-Punch Man‘s opening sequence. The 90-second project, which was drawn entirely in Microsoft Paint with a mouse, took Boom 50 hours to produce, from the artwork to arrangement in Sony Vegas.

Every shot is there, from Saitama’s square-off with a gigantic monster to a truly unique introduction to Tatsumaki. Still, though the art is rough and the animation is stilted, the short definitely captures the raw essence of One-Punch Man.