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Trunks And Goten Form The Ultimate Fusion In Ford Ad

Trunks and Goten are delivering a fusion that nobody would expect!

The folks at Ford are at it again! The company released a new commercial featuring the Dragon Ball Z crew. The 30-second ad sees Trunks and Goten fusing into the new ultimate form: a 2016 Ford Fusion!


Previously on Dragon Ford Z, Krillin and Gohan used a generous wish from Namekian Dragon Porunga to obtain a new Ford Focus.


And, much like its predecessor, the new Ford commercial has that lovely sense of quirky self-awareness that works in the context of the commercial.

Ford’s Dragon Ball ads are far from the first attempt to use anime-inspired properties to sell cars to the American market. In 2011, Toyota went all-out in a partnership with Crypton Future Media to use Hatsune Miku as a spokesperson. The company released numerous advertisements featuring the digital diva, as well as a special “Hatsune Miku” edition of their 2012 Corolla.

The ads themselves were, well… “interesting,” to say lightly.



In 2005, insurance company Geico also hopped into the anime advert game with a series of TV spots featuring Speed Racer.

Source: Comic Book Resources

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