SPJA Logo - 20160118Avast, Anime Expo fans! New horizons are ahead!

On Saturday, the Japan Times reported that the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation (SPJA), Anime Expo’s parent organization, will begin a broad rebranding and refocusing effort. In an article by Roland Kelts, the publication noted that SJPA is “expanding, refocusing and rebranding. It plans to move beyond otaku/fan culture and embrace the broader challenge of integrating successful conventions in film, gaming, tech, music and other forms of entertainment media.” The company will open an office in Tokyo this year, and plans to reveal a new name and logo for the organization.

Anime Expo LogoAs of press time, no word on how this will affect Anime Expo.

Anime Expo is the largest anime convention in North America. The event, which saw its first convention hit in 1992, saw 1,750 attendees in its début year. Last year’s event, which was held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, set attendance records with over 90,500 attendees and a turnstile count of 260,700.

Source: AnimeCons.com (Thanks to L.B. Bryant  for the tip!)