PreCure’s heading to a magic kingdom! (No relation to Disney’s empire)

Earlier today, the official Magic Girls Precure! (Mahou Tsukai Precure!, a.k.a. Maho Girls Precure!) anime website updated with a new 30-second teaser. Rie Takahashi, who plays Mirai Asahina (Cure Miracle) in the series, provides narration.

In addition, a new visual for the series was released, which you can check out below.

Magic Girls Precure Visual 002 - 20160128

Magic Girls Precure! is a follow-up to Go! Princess Precure, which kicked off on Japanese TV in February 2015. The series will begin airing on on ABC and TV Asashi on February 7. Masato Mitsuzuka, who has worked on the Precure franchise since 2007’s Yes! Precure 5, will serve as the project’s director. Emiko Miyamoto will provide character designs on the show, while Isao Murayama (Toriko) works on series composition.

The title tells a tale across two vastly different worlds. Aside from our realm, a land known only as The Magical World exists as a place where witches and wizards call their own. The magically gifted refer to the world of humans as “Nashi Mahou-kai”, or “The World Without Witchraft.” Mirai Asahina is a 13-year-old girl who lives in the world of humans.

One day, a strange twist of fate sees Mirai meeting Riko, a girl of her own age from the world of witches. Riko was sent to the human world to find a powerful artifact known as the “Rincle Stone Emerald.” One thing leads to another, and the two girls discover that they can transform into legendary warriors Cure Miracle and Cure Magical by holding each others’ hands. With this knowledge in-hand, Mirai makes the decision to travel to the Magical World, so she can enroll in the Witches’ academy, and to be close to her new bestie Riko.

Two trailers were previously released for the series, which you can check out below:

Source: Magic Girls Precure! Website