Kouji Yusa is about to make things a bit batty!

Earlier today, the official Magic Girls Precure! (Mahou Tsukai Precure!, a.k.a. Maho Girls Precure!) website revealed that actor Kouji Yusa is joining the show’s cast. Yusa will play the role of Batty, one of the henchmen to main villain Dokurokushi.

Magic Girls Precure Character Visual - Batty 001 - 20160128

Magic Girls Precure! is a follow-up to Go! Princess Precure, which kicked off on Japanese TV in February 2015. The series will begin airing on on ABC and TV Asashi on February 7. Masato Mitsuzuka, who has worked on the Precure franchise since 2007’s Yes! Precure 5, will serve as the show’s director. Emiko Miyamoto will provide character designs on the project, while Isao Murayama (Toriko) handles series composition.

Three trailers and a number of visuals were previously released to promote the series, which you can check out below:

Key Visuals

Promo Videos

Source: Twitter (toeianime)