Toonami’s taking its lineup to a whole new dimension!

Earlier today, Funimation announced that Dimension W will air on Adult Swim’s Toonami block. The series will air on Saturdays at 12:30AM Eastern starting on February 27. Dubbed episodes will hit Funimation’s digital service two weeks after their Toonami run.

Dimension W Toonami Promo 001 - 20160212

In addition, Funimation unveiled the English dub cast for the series. The show will star the following:

  • Kyoma: Christopher R. Sabat
  • Albert: Eric Vale
  • Mira: Jad Saxton
  • Loser: J. Michael Tatum
  • Mary: Stephanie Young
  • Koorogi: Josh Grelle
  • Shido: Jeremy Schwartz

Zach Bolton and Colleen Clinkenbeard are directing Dimension W‘s dub, with Brandon Peters working as ADR Engineer. Bonny Clinkenbeard is writing the scripts.

Dimension W Key Visual 003 - 20151209Dimension W is based on Yuji Iwahara’s manga of the same name. The series is being directed by Kanta Kamei (Bunny Drop, Nanana’s Buried Treasure) at Studio 3Hz and Orange. Tokuyuki Matsutake is providing character designs for the project, while Shôtarô Suga handles Series composition.

Funimation describes the show as follows:

In the year 2071, the world’s energy problems seem solved by a network of cross-dimensional electric-field inductors- “coils” -that extract energy from a seemingly infinite source. That source is the W dimension, a fourth plane that exists beyond the X, Y, and Z dimensions.

In this world, unofficial “illegal” coils harness powers that the police can’t hope to counter. Dealing with these coils is the job of coil-hating repo man Kyoma, whose run-in with the unique coil android Mira leads the two to form a reluctant partnership.

Source: Funimation Blog