It’s not like she’s on this adventure for you, or anything… … b-baka.

Nisekoi Chitoge gif 001 - 20160219

Earlier today, Nisekoi leading lady Chitoge Kirisaki joined Super Mario Maker‘s cast of playable guest characters. Fans can unlock Chitoge’s Mystery Costume by playing through one of two new Event Courses that were designed by Nisekoi creator Naoshi Komi.

Super Mario Maker, which hit the Wii U in September 2015, was a critical and sales darling when it hit store shelves. In its five months on market, Super Mario Maker moved over 3.34 million copies across the globe. In the North America, it’s the sixth best-selling Wii U title overall, with over 1 million units reaching customers.

The Event Course system first hit in a post-release update on November 4, which also added mid-level checkpoints and conditional power-ups. Notable event courses include a trio of stages by Game Center CX host Shinya Arino (which unlocks a “Chief Arino” Mystery Costume), and a level by Super Mario-kun author Yukio Sawada (which unlocks a “Super Mario-kun” Mystery Costume).

The folks at GameXPlain put together a brief playthrough of both courses, which you can check out below:

Source: YouTube (Nintendo Official Channel)