Welcome, readers, to another issue of AniWeekly! The Grammys are over and the Oscars are just a week away. In the anime world, though, things are as exciting as ever! While film buffs can speculate over whether The Martian will take top honors, or if DiCaprio will finally take Best Actor, we have our own craziness in surprise licenses, to unexpected guest spots. It’s a good week to be an anime fan, for sure!

In The News

There you go, Astro Boy! New Line Cinema is working on a new Astro Boy movie. The studio has tapped Andre Fabrizio and Jeremy Passmore (San Andreas) to produce the film, which will be a live-action flick that will remove several of the “younger-skewing elements” of previous adaptations.

Orange you glad I said “anime”? Sci-fi manga series Orange will receive an anime adaptation. Steins;Gate Hiroshi Hamasaki will direct the project, which is due this summer, at TMS.

All hail the queen of… gum? Candy maker Glico revealed that Maki Nishikino, the tsundere composer for Love Live! group μ’s, was named the official Image Girl for Watering Kissmint gum. The fictional idol was chosen as the result of a fan poll that ran in 2015.


Skipping into fans’ hearts! Pied Piper, who previously released the Time of Eve movie in North America, announced that they licensed Skip Beat! The company will launch a crowdfunding campaign to enhance the show’s dub, and add various extra features to the final product.

Skip Beat 001 - 20160216

It’s not like she joined for you… baka! Nisekoi co-star Chitoge Kirisaki joined the playable roster for Wii U title Super Mario Maker last week. Series creator Naoshi Komi also produced a pair of levels, which are available now.

Blood on the high seas. The official Black Butler Twitter account revealed that a film adaptation of Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic is in the works, and on-track for a 2017 release. Core staff members, including series director Noriyuki Abe and character designer Minako Shiba are returning to work on the film.

Black Butler Book of the Atlantic Visual 001 - 20160217

DanMachi’s coming back! Earlier today, the producers for Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? announced that the title will return in an OVA series. And yes, as always, Hestia approves.

DanMachi Hestia gif 001 - 20160221

Koro-sensei’s impending goodbye. In an interview with Weekly Shonen Jump, Assassination Classroom director Seiji Kishi revealed that the anime series’s current season will cover the ending of the manga.

From the AniBlogging Community

Meeting the Pied Piper of anime. Otaku Review published a surprisingly candid interview with Pied Piper president Ann Yamamoto. The two talk about the history of the company, as well as what led to the recent acquisiton of Skip Beat!

Akira’s animators, still making miracles In 1988, Akira wowed fans across Japan with its dark, dystopian plot and revolutionary (at the time) visuals. Since then, the film’s animators have continued to work in the industry, and they’re making animated miracles to this day. Digibro at My Sword Is Unbelievably Dull published a 33-minute compilation of scenes produced by various animators attached to Akira in the past decade. Take care, as there are a few not safe for work scenes mixed in.

Dear anime fans: Please don’t be “that guy.” In the wake of recent vandalism at Katsucon’s hotel, Nerd and Tie published an open letter asking fans to not be animals at conventions, but to just be freaking people. Don’t trash the hotel, don’t pee on the floors, and just don’t be a jerk to ruin it for everybody else. Seriously, we get that it’s a tiny minority, and that they’re probably excited and fueled by sugar, caffeine, and adrenaline, but it’s not that hard!

A new phase in one’s life. Both Lauren of Otaku Journalist and Manga Therapy published stellar articles discussing how one’s phase in life can change how certain events are viewewd, and whether they’re worth pursuing in the future. Taking a view at the anime convention scene which, by its nature is young and very energetic, the two authors discuss how such events just fall out of sync with us as we get older.

Weekly Fun Stuff!

In the world of anime dubs, 4Kids was an infamous group. Known for their strong edits and merciless crushing of cultural references, the company quickly became a villain for the average anime fan.

With them out of the picture, though, all eyes turn to Odex: a Singaporean studio whose dubs have gained infamy for their comically bad nature. Because we love (or is it hate? I’m note sure which…) you, we’ve located a pair of clips, one from One Piece and the other from Yu-Gi-Oh!, to give a brief primer on the unique badness that is an Odex dub.