So what do the Gods eat, anyway?

Yesterday, Bandai Namco America started streaming the God Eater Prologue OVA in subtitled format. The company’s streaming the feature to promote its upcoming release of God Eater: Resurrection.

God Eater Key Visual 002 - 20150805God Eater Prologue is a twelve-minute OVA from ufotable, which was directed by Takayuki Hirao (Texhnolyze, The Garden of Sinners). The project is a prequel to God Eater: Resurrection, set six years before the events in the game. The title follows Soma, Lindow, Tsubaki and Johannes von Schicksal.

God Eater received an anime adaptation last year, which was also directed by Takayuki Hirao at ufotable. Keita Shimizu provided character designs, while Kei Tsunematsu (Shigurui: Death Frenzy) and Takayuki Hirao (GYO: Tokyo Fish Attack) wrote the scripts. The first nine episodes aired during the summer 2015 season. The final four episodes will air starting on March 5.

Aniplex of America currently holds the domestic rights to the God Eater anime series. The company currently offers the title on Crunchyroll and Daisuki.

Source: YouTube (Bandai Namco Entertainment America)