Form feet and legs; form arms and body; and I’ll form the head!

Earlier today, geek news site Nerdist revealed that Lauren Montgomery and Joaquim Dos Santos are working on Dreamworks’s Voltron: Legendary Defender. The two will serve as showrunners for the project.

Lauren Montgomery is best known for her directorial work on several DC Animated films, including Wonder Woman, Superman: Doomsday, and Superman/Batman: Apocalypse. She kicked off her career as a storyboard artist in the 2002 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe series. Since then, she’s gone on to produce storyboards for Ben 10, Justice League Unlimited, and Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Voltron Legendary Defender Visual 001 - 20160210Joaquim Dos Santos is best known for his directing work on Avatar: The Last Airbender and twelve episodes of The Legend of Korra. In addition to directing, Dos Santos served as an executive producer on The Legend of Korra. He began his career as a storyboard artist on the Justice League animated series, before being promoted to direct the show’s third season.

Voltron: Legendary Defender is a co-production between Netflix and Dreamworks. The project will reboot the classic anime adaptation, which originally hit the airwaves in 1984.

Voltron was originally produced as a joint venture between World Events Productions and Toei Animation. The series ran on syndicated networks from September 10, 1984 through November 18, 1985. Voltron‘s first season adapts Beast King GoLion, which aired in Japan from 1981 through 1982. Voltron was directed by Katsuhito Taguchi, and features character designs by Kazuo Nakamura. Media Blasters holds the rights to both Voltron and Beast King GoLion in North America.

Source: Nerdist