The cards have foretold good things for the girls of Meirochō!

The latest issue of Houbunsha’s Manga Time Kirara Miracle magazine revealed that Harikamo’s Urara Meirochō manga will receive an anime adaptation. As of press time, no details on the show have been announced.

Manga Time Kirara Miracle Cover - Urara Meirocho Anime Reveal

Urara Meirochō is a four-panel series set in the town of Meiro-chō. Meiro-chō is a magnet for girls from across Japan, who travel to the town with hopes of becoming the top diviner, or “Urara.” The most recent challenger to the throne is a solitary girl named Chiya. Unlike her peers, though, Chiya has a second mission with her dreams of becoming the Urara. What it is, though, remains a mystery.

As Chiya’s work as an apprentice diviner begins, so does a new life for her. She quickly makes a trio of friends: the sincere Kon, western culture freak Kōme, and the bashful Nono.

The third collected volume of Urara Meirochō will hit Japanese retailers in May.

Source: Twitter (earlbox)