Taboo Tattoo Teaser Visual 003 - 20160322If it’s taboo, then why get a tattoo of it?

The latest volume of Shinjirō’s Taboo Tattoo manga revealed that the show’s anime adaptation will hit Japanese TV in July. Takashi Watanabe (The Slayers, Boogiepop Phantom) is directing the series at J.C. Staff.

Taboo Tattoo first debuted in Kadokawa’s Comic Alive magazine in November 2009. The most recent volume, Volume 11, hit stores today.

Last year, Doki-Doki, Taboo Tattoo‘s French publisher mistakenly reported that the show would see a Summer 2015 première.

Taboo Tattoo Teaser Visual 001 - 20160322

Taboo Tattoo Teaser Visual 002 - 20160322

Yen Press currently holds the domestic rights to the Taboo Tattoo manga. They describe the series as follows:

By all accounts, middle schooler Seigi is pretty unremarkable except for his martial arts prowess and a desire to protect the weak. But when his good intentions are put to the test by saving an old homeless man from some street thugs, the mysterious man shows his gratitude by…burning a tattoo onto Seigi’s palm?!

It turns out, the tattoo is a powerful secret weapon that everyone–including a formidable girl with a tattoo of her own–is after. With his life on the line and his martial arts skills alone no match against super-powered foes, will Seigi be able to unlock the latent potential of his tattoo and live to fight another day?!

Source: Yaraon!