So, is “Classicaloid” going to be the next new megatrend?

Yesterday, NHK started streaming the first promotional video for the Classicaloid anime series. The 90-second teaser shows off the title in action, after opening with a brief rendition of Beethoven’s 6th Symphony Pastoral.

The show’s website also updated with several new staff members attached to the project.

Classicaloid Visual 001 - 20160325Yoichi Fujita (Gintama, Mr. Osomatsu) is helming the project at Sunrise, with Seiichi Hashimoto serving as character designer. The team of Ichiro Sakaki (Chaika – The Coffin Princess, Outbreak Company) and Michihiro Tsuchiya (PriPara, Cross Game) are in charge of series composition, while Kyo Kogure, Miya Asakawa, Shū Matsubara, and Tsuyoshi Kida write the show’s scripts.

tofubeats, Tomoyasu Hotei, and Tsunku are tasked with providing the show’s music. The soundtrack will span a variety of genres from pop, to rock, electronica, and classical arrangements.

NHK, NHK Enterprise, and BN Pictures are attached as producers on the project, which hits Japanese TV this fall.

Classicaloid revolves around high school students Kanae and Sōsuke, who live in a small provincial town that is trying to bring new life to the area with a focus on music. As they say, though, “be careful what you wish for.” One day, so-called “Classicaloid” versions of Mozart and Beethoven appear before Kanae and Sōsuke.

Sounds rad, right? Not quite.

The Classicaloids play a special kind of music, which they call “mujik.” Unlike the normal tunes, which can stir one’s soul, these songs cause the stars to fall, and giant robots to plague the land! Now, every day is a challenge for the residents of this once-sleepy town. Soon, more Classicaloids start to appear, including Bach, Chopin, and Schubert.

Just what is this power that the Classicaloids hold? Are they friends, foes, or some crazy combination of the two?

Source: Anime News Network