As always, we took way too many photos of this year’s event, clocking in at well over 800 for the weekend! That said, we’d rather not toss out perfectly good photos when we get the chance! Below, we’ve provided our favorites from Opening Ceremonies, from shots of the Cosplot sketch to the various celebrities and industry folks that were repping the convention! We’ve sorted these by segment for ease of use.


The Con Chairs Greet The Crowd

Eric Vale

Carrie Keranen

Erica Lindbeck

Max Mittelman

Tony Oliver

Monica Rial

Patrick Seitz

Todd Haberkorn

Greg Ayres

Kyohei Ishiguro

Yukiko Aikei

Toshio Furukawa

Shino Kakinuma

Anime Boston - Opening Ceremonies - Shino Kakinuma 001 - 20160330

Masao Maruyama

Ali Project