In this day and age, anime conventions and cosplayers are almost intrinsically linked. Like peanut butter and jelly or cookies and milk, the two seem to complement each other perfectly. Every year, cosplayers make their way to events across the country, walking the halls of conventions big and small in their very best.

Anime Boston is no exception.

This year, thousands of costume-clad fans walked the halls of the Hynes from the earliest hours of the morning to the latest hours of the evening. Every fandom one could imagine, from Fate/stay night to One-Punch Man could be found in the talented work of a cosplayer. Heck, even Gegege no Kitaro got some repping this time around!

The break-out hit of the weekend, tough, was Undertale. The affection for Toby Fox’s indie darling was undeniable, as countless fans decked out as Frisk, Undyne, and even Papyrus dotted the convention floor.

Below, we’ve collected our best cosplay shots from this year’s Anime Boston. I’d like to thank every single cosplayer featured in this segment. You are all amazing, and Anime Boston wouldn’t be the same without you!