Gonna Be The Twin Tail Visual 001 - 20160423Apparently, twin tails are in once again!

Yesterday, Funimation announced the English dub cast for Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! (Ore, Tsuintēru ni Narimasu). The series will star the following:

  • Soji: Austin Tindle
  • Aika/TailBlue: Sarah Wiedenheft
  • Erina/TailYellow: Mikaela Krantz
  • TwoEarle: Morgan Garrett
  • TailRed: Bryn Apprill
  • Dark Grasper/Acena/Anko: Leah Clark
  • Mikoto: Michelle Rojas
  • Miharu: Jennifer Green
  • Mega Ne: Tia Ballard

Jerry Jewell will direct the dub, with William Dewell serving as Lead ADR Engineer. Samuel Wooley will write the adaptation’s script.

Gonna be the Twin-Tail!! first aired in the Fall 2014 broadcast season. The series, which adapts Yume Mizusawa and illustrator Ayumu Kasuga’s light novels of the same name, was helmed by Hiroyuki Kanbe at Production IMS. The team of Kazuaki Morita and Masahiro Yamane provided character designs on the project, while Naruhisa Arakawa () took charge of series composition.

Funimation describes the series as:

Soji Mitsuka is an ordinary high schooler with an extraordinary obsession. Twin tails are his fire, his air, his will to live! But when a mysterious woman from another world enlists his help to fight hideous monsters with various moe fetishes, Soji much transform into a powerful pigtailed…girl?With the help of his childhood friend, the class president, and his endless devotion to pigtails, Soji and his crew form a twin-tailed threesome to take on the monsters who feed on the “attribute power” of humans. But Soji’s new pigtailed powers come with a price; his surging popularity as the new heroin in town makes the twin-tailed trend explode, giving the monsters ample attribute powers to feed upon!

Funimation released a dub teaser to promote Gonna Be The Twin Tail!!, which you can check out below:

Source: Funimation Blog (Thanks, MJ Warren for the tip!)