Hulu’s anime library’s about to get a whole lot lighter.

Media Blasters Hulu 001 - 20160506

The streaming platform announced that all of Media Blasters’s anime titles will be removed from the service tomorrow. The list of affected titles includes:

  • Ah! My Goddess
  • Blade of the Immortal
  • Girl’s High
  • Holy Knight
  • Kite Liberator
  • Mazinkaiser SKL
  • Mirage of Blaze
  • Squid Girl
  • Ramen Fighter Miki
  • Rio: Rainbow Gate!

Furthermore, Sentai Filmworks, AnimEigo, and Bandai Visual will see shows expiring on the platform. These include:

  • 5/10/2016: Upotte!! (Sentai Filmworks)
  • 5/13/2016: Bubblegum Crisis (AnimEigo)
  • 5/22/2016: Nanaka 6/17 (Sentai FIlmworks)
  • 6/1/2016: Saber Marionette J (Bandai Visual)
  • 6/17/2016: Simoun

Furthermore, Tai Chi Chasers, which was released under 4Kids’s banner, will be removed on May 11. AnimEigo title Riding Bean expired yesterday.

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