Crunchyroll’s bringing a dose of holy hilarity to their service!

Earlier today, Crunchyroll revealed that they added Ah My Buddha!! (Amaenaide yo!!) to their digital platform for members in the United States and Canada. The series is available in its entirety for Premium subscribers. Free members are able to watch the first 13 episodes of the show, with the remaining 13 being added next week.

Ah My Buddha Visual 001 - 20160512

The series is available in both dubbed and subtitled formats.

Ah My Buddha!! is based on Toshinori Sogabe’s manga of the same name. Keitaro Motonaga (Date A Live, Getbackers) helmed the project at Studio Deen, with Kumi Horii (Infinite Stratos 2, Zone of the Enders: Idolo) providing character designs. Makoto Uezu (Akame ga KILL!, KonoSuba – God’s blessing on this wonderful world!!) took charge of series composition.

Crunchyroll describes the series as follows:

Sixteen-year-old Ikkou Satonaka has raging hormones that make every other boy’s look simply weak in comparison. When he gets turned on, he’s literally turned into a super-powerful Buddhist monk capable of vanquishing the most evil of spirits! Ikkou’s parents send him to the Saienji Temple to train to become a proper monk under the watchful eye of his grandmother. One of his first challenges is to learn to control his lusty desires – but that’s easier said than done when he’s surrounded by a bevy of beautiful nun trainees who keep losing their clothes! Can Ikkou pull himself together, or will his pervy nature win out?

Ah My Buddha!! is licensed by Right Stuf in North America.

Source: Crunchyroll