Animator Paul “Otaking77077” Johnson’s at it again! Just a year after last year’s TIE Fighter film, Johnson’s back with a new short feature. The film, titled Game Master: R-Type, is part Captain N, and part loving homage to Irem’s R-Type series of shooters.

The package is tied together with a slick visual style that’s reminiscent of the sci-fi shows of the ’90s.

The feature was animated by Johnson at 17 frames per second. The full staff list includes:

  • Animator: Otaking77077 (Paul Johnson)
  • Writer: Otaking77077 (Paul Johnson)
  • Additional Material: Tom Jenkins for Mashed
  • Producer: Tom Jenkins for Mashed
  • In-Between Assistance: Claudia Montealegre
  • Music: Zakir Rahman
  • Sound Design: Joseph Leyva
  • Sound Mixing: Laura Rankin
  • Voice of Player One: Rice Pirate (Mick Lauer)
  • Voice of Player Two: Hayley Nelson

Last March, Paul Johnson released an anime-styled short based on Star Wars. You can check it out below: