Alan Young 001 - 20160521Scrooge McDuck just took a trip to the big money bin in the sky.

Screen and voice actor Alan Young passed away at his home at Los Angeles’s Motion Picture & Television Home retirement community on Thursday. He was 96. Young’s passing was due to natural causes.

Alan Young was born in Northumberland, England on November 19, 1919. Young’s family moved to Edinburgh, Scotland when he was a toddler, which was followed by a move to West Vancouver, Canada.

Young’s career spanned over 77 years, and included Mr. Ed‘s Wilbur. His most famous roles, though, came from roles that greeted countless generations of children. Most notably, Young voiced Scrooge McDuck in all of his incarnations since 1983’s Mickey’s Christmas Carol. This includes appearances in DuckTales, House of Mouse, and the Kingdom Hearts video games.

In the anime world. Young voiced 7-Zark-7 in Science Ninja Team Gatchaman adaptation Battle of the Planets.

We’d like to offer our sincere condolences to Mr. Young’s family and friends.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter