Honobono Log 001 - 20160425Two new folks are joining the heartwarming world of Honobono Log.

On Friday, the official Fukamachi Naka Gashū Honobono Log ~Taisetsu na Kimi e~ (Naka Fukamachi Art Collection: Heartwarming Log ~To Precious You) anime staff announced the show’s first cast members. Asami Seto and Miyu Irino were cast for the show, though their specific roles have yet to be announced.

Honobono Log will adapt Naka Fukamachi’s popular illustrations, will air on NHK as a short-form show. Kumi Matsui will direct the project at Fan Works, which will feature storyboards by Rareko. Ame no Parade will compose the show’s music.

Honobono Log 002 - 20160425The series is currently slated to air on Japan’s NHK-General channel from June 7 through 11. After a short break, the title will run from June 14 through 18. Ten eight-minute episodes will be produced, which will air during the 12:00AM time slot.

Honobono Log began life as a series of illustrations on Fukamachi’s Twitter account. Each piece, which was tagged with #ほのぼのログ (#HonobonoLog), shows off a heartwarming scene from every-day lives of couples and families. The pieces proved to be an immediate hit, garnering over 520,000 followers during the course of their publication.

Ichijinsha published the first collection of illustrations into a book in 2014. A second book, titled Honobono Log II ~Taisetsu na Kimi to~ (Heartwarming Log ~With Precious You~), will hit Japanese retailers in July.

Source: Comic Natalie