Hold on to your tentacles, it’s time for a celebration!

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Exactly one year ago, Nintendo unleashed Splatoon upon the world. The inky online shooter, which allowed fans to be both squids and kids, quickly won fans over with its tight gameplay and simple, yet unique premise of rewarding fans for covering territory, rather than racking up the kills. It was a game that was uniquely Nintendo, where players new and old could jump in and find themselves having a blast with one another.

At the same time, the title brought a unique freshness, with a vibrant world and an aesthetic that screamed “’90s kids of the world, unite!” The Inklings quickly found a fanbase, with their adorable, but not cutesy style and unmistakably huge personalities. Then there’s the Squid Sisters, the queen idols of Booyah Base who greeted players whenever they turned the game on, and stood proudly onstage during in-game concerts.

Splatoon became an instant hit for Wii U owners, becoming the first new property to break a million sales in Japan since 2006’s Wii Sports. The title’s remained a fixture in the Media Create and Famitsu weekly top-20 charts since launch, and continues to find a way to splat its way into new homes with each passing week. As of press time, sales currently stand at 1.37 million units in Japan, and well over 4 million across the globe.

The world of the Inklings has grown far beyond the confines of the TV, though. In more recent months, the Squid Sisters have been making concert appearances in Japan. Callie and Marie packed the house in two concerts at the Makuhari Messe Center, which saw the two performing their hits from the game.

To see Splatoon remain such a beloved title a year later, especially in a land where a game’s successes are measured in weeks, is nothing short of astounding.

Throughout today, fans have been taking to social media and image sharing sites to express their adoration for the squiddy shooter. We’ve compiled a number of our favorite pieces below. If there’s a work that we missed, feel free to let us know in the comments!

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