Welcome, readers, to an all new AniWeekly! This weekend saw the first anniversary of the day that gamers across the globe could be squids and kids! Nintendo’s Splatoon hit retailers across the globe on May 28 in Japan, followed by a global May 29 début.

With its mix of charming characters, a bright aesthetic, and simple yet layered gameplay, Splatoon‘s appeal proved to be irresistible as fans scooped up over 4 million copies of the squiddly shooter. The title’s popularity has spawned manga adaptations, concerts, and even a cross-over with inky invader Squid Girl.

So kudos, Nintendo, for a year of success with the Inklings.

In The News

Alita’s ready to be reborn. James Cameron’s Battle Angel Alita movie has a première date! The film is currently slated for a July 20, 2018 début. Actress Rosa Salazar will be stepping into the shoes of the titular Alita for the feature.

Take a trip through the evergarden. Kyoto Animation announced that they’re working on an anime adaptation of Akiko Takase’s Violet Evergarden. The company released a commercial to announced the news.

It’s time to take up the wand and resume the hunt for the Clow Cards! The latest issue of Kodansha’s Nakayoshi magazine revealed that a new Cardcaptor Sakura anime project is in the works. As of now, no details are known about the title.

All you can eat! ComiXology launched an “all you can eat” subscription service. Customers can pay $5.99 per month for access to hundreds of books, including 31 manga titles.

The great Hulu exodous continues! NIS America announced that they will be removing their entire library (minus Kimi no Todoke) from Hulu starting June 1.

Alright, everyone, from the Toppu! Kodansha Comics started simul-publishing Kosuke Fujishima’s Toppu GP in digital format. The publisher is releasing chapters of the series for $1.99 each.

Streaming is as streaming does. Discotek announced that they will begin releasing “streaming exclusive” titles. The company will offer titles that may not have the pull for a DVD release via digital formats, with the first title being Miss Machiko

Goin’ for the high score! After years of litigation, Rensuke Oshikiri’s Hi Score Girl is coming back! The title will resume publication on July 25.

"Hi Score Girl" Visual © Rensuke Oshikiri / SQUARE ENIX

“Hi Score Girl” Visual © Rensuke Oshikiri / SQUARE ENIX

Let’s go, Aqours! Sunrise announced that Love Live! Sunshine!! will début on July 2. The series will be shown on eight networks and two online providers.

From the AniBlogging Community

Congrats, Emily! Atelier Emily is hitting the big time! She posted a brief note stating that the fantastic Kiznaiver articles will be finding a new home as an official part of the Crunchyroll blog.

Rolling on and on… On the note of Crunchyroll, The OASG gave a brief look at a few of the most recent changes and developments to arise from the streaming provider.

It’s time for “the talk.” Lauren at Otaku Journalist recently had a chance to talk to kids and parents about anime. She used the experience to craft an open letter to the next generation of anime fans, offering both wisdom and advice to the youngest members of our community.

Weekly Fun Stuff!

Fans of Toonami know that it has a fascinating history, from its formation in 1997, to its sad sign-off in 2008 and incredible revival in 2013. Toonami’s impact on the anime industry is immense, as it served as a launchpad for countless fan favorites, and offered a platform for the most unlikely of sleeper hits.

We Call It Toonami is a short, albeit unofficial documentary that traces the block’s origins, and its direction today. Several of the minds behind Toonami stepped behind the mic to tell the tale, including co-creator Jason DeMarco and voice actress Dana Swanson (SARA).