So, who gets to form the head this time?

Earlier this week, DreamWorks started streaming a pair of clips from Voltron: Legendary Defender on their YouTube channel. The first video, titled One Unit, One Goal shows off Voltron’s transformation. The second, titled ROAR, is a montage of action sequences from the show.

Netflix will release Voltron: Legendary Defender its entirety on June 10.

Voltron Legendary Defender Visual 001 - 20160210Voltron: Legendary Defender is a co-production between Netflix and DreamWorks. The project will reboot the classic anime adaptation, which originally hit the airwaves in 1984. Studio Mir, which is best known for its work on Legend of Korra, is animating the project.

The confirmed voice cast includes:

  • Keith: Steven Yeun
  • Lance: Jeremy Shada
  • Pidge: Bex Taylor-Klaus
  • Shiro: Josh Keaton
  • Hunk: Tyler Labine
  • Princess AlluraKimberly Brooks:
  • Coran: Rhys Darby
  • Neil Kaplan: King Zarkon

In an interview with USA Today, co-executive producer Lauren Montgomery noted that DreamWorks is “trying to keep as much of that classic feel to it as we can, because ultimately we have huge amounts of nostalgia for (the original) show.”

That said, though, there will be changes to the original formula. Showrunner Joaquim Dos Santos noted that the new cast members will be given backstories and “a real purpose for being on this mission and getting involved with Voltron in the first place.” Montgomery added that Princess Allura will take a more realistic tack, commenting that “She doesn’t have to be the (greatest) fighter right off the bat. She’s still a princess from a peaceful kingdom. But she’s certainly not fainting at every little thing that overwhelms her.”

USA today reports that the series will be Game of Thrones-esque, adding in humor and upping the stakes from the original 1980s series. “Not everything is solved by Voltron alone,” notes Montgomery, “Sometimes they need to beat something just as the lions. Sometimes they just do it as themselves fighting as men.”

Source: YouTube (DreamWorksTV)