Let’s see… Charlotte… Charlotte… yeah, I’ve got nothin’.

Earlier today, Aniplex of America announced that they will release Charlotte on Blu-Ray. The series will be released across two Blu-Ray sets, both of which will carry a suggested price of $94.98. The first set will include the show’s first seven episodes. The second set will feature episodes 8 – 13. The average cost-per-episode is $14.61.

Each release will a set of illustration cards. The company released the package art for both releases, which you can check out below:

Charlotte Blu-Ray Boxart 001 - 20160604

Charlotte Blu-Ray Boxart 002 - 20160604

Aniplex is producing a dub for Charlotte, which will be included on the Blu-Ray. The cast for the series includes:

  • Yu Otosaka: Ray Chase
  • Nao Tomori: Lauren Landa
  • Jojiro Takajo: Lucien Dodge
  • Yusa & Misa Nishimori: Ryan Bartley
  • Ayumi Otosaka: Kira Buckland

The company released a new teaser trailer to promote the dub.

Charlotte is an original series by Key Visual Arts and Aniplex. Angel Beats! writer Jun Maeda and character designer Na-Ga collaborated on the project, which was helmed by Yoshiyuki Asai at P.A. Works. Kanami Sekiguchi (Canaan, Shirobako) provided character designs for the series, while Maeda wrote the show’s scripts.

Charlotte originally aired during the summer 2015 broadcast season.

Source: Aniplex of America