Moon, Prism Power, fan up!

In 2014, Kaitlin Sullivan did what, for many, would seem to be an impossible errand. She was able to gather over 250 passionate, creative fans to re-animate a full episode of the 1990s dubbed version of Sailor Moon. Each segment, which ranged from one to ten seconds, was animated by one of these volunteers in their own personal style.

Moon Animate, Make Up! was a loving homage to a classic that still finds fans today, and brought together participants from across the skill spectrum. Hobbyists and amateurs contributed their own bits, as did seasoned professionals from shows like Bob’s Burgers. It was an amazing outpouring of fan adoration that seemed to exude its unique charm in every cut. Their hard work hasn’t been ignored, as the project passed two million views on YouTube earlier this year.

Sullivan’s hoping to capture the magic again with Moon Animate, Make Up! 2. With a new set of animators, she’s taken up the task of re-animating Sailor Moon R episode 68: “Protect Chibi-Usa: Clash of the Ten Warriors.” Unlike the first episode, which used DiC’s English dub, Moon Animate, Make Up! 2 will feature the original Japanese audio. The project, which is shaping up to be as impressive as its predecessor, is due to hit the web in its entirety next month. Animators have already checked in their work, and assembly of the final video is underway.

In addition to the above trailer, several cuts have been uploaded to video (and gif!) sharing services. We’ve provided a few of our favorites below:

Source: Tumblr (moonanimate)