We now have proof that Sir Ian McKellen can make anything sound like pure poetry.


Sir Ian McKellen, renowned actor of stage and cinema, was recently interviewed by Chinese video sharing site Bilibili. During the interview, he discusses the role that Shakespeare and the work of Laurence Olivier played in his life. The conversation quickly moves to McKellen’s career, including the the X-Men films, and his recent role in sitcom Vicious.

It’s clear that McKellen is a man who has fun with these conversations, as makes playful jokes, and displays a razor-sharp wit as he tries to find “coolness” in Shakespeare, and discusses the metaphors found within the X-Men films. The entire fifteen-minute interview is a joy to watch, topped by a moment that would fill anime fans across the globe with a sense of glee.

To close off the segment, McKellen pulls up a book, and recites the Unlimited Blade Works incantation from Fate/stay night.

Source: Twitter (Juneko00), Reddit