Splatoon’s idol team is bringing the freshness of Inkopolis to the city of lights!

Last weekend, Paris held its annual Japan Expo convention. The event is a celebration of all things Japanese, from fashion, to music and, of course, anime. Though the final turnstile counts are still being tallied, last year’s event brought in a staggering 247,473 attendees.

Japan Expo’s become a major stop for prominent figures in Japanese pop culture, attracting the likes of CLAMP, AKB48, Naoki Urasawa (Death Note, Monster), Shinichirō Watanabe (Cowboy Bebop, Space Dandy), and Tetsuya Nomura (Final Fantasy VII, The World Ends With You) among scores of others.

Splatoon Squid Sisters Japan Expo Poster 001 - 20160714This year, Nintendo decided to get in on the action, by bringing their own brand of freshness to the event. Repping Splatoon, their squiddly online shooter with a brilliantly broad appeal, Nintendo brought the reigning idols of Booyah Base to the Parisian crowds. The Squid Sisters were live, and on-stage for a 25-minute set with a capacity crowd.

Well, as live as “live” can get, in this case. Much like the January and April shows at Chiba’s Makuhari Messe Center, the show was hosted using holograms, along with a live band playing the backing tracks.

For fans who’ve caught the previous concerts, the set list should seem pretty familiar at this point:

  • Ink Me Up
  • Now or Never!
  • Bomb Rush Blush (Callie solo)
  • Tide Goes Out (Marie solo)
  • Inkopolis Evolution
  • Maritime Memory
  • Calamari Inkantation

In addition to the concert, Nintendo’s European account published a short clip of the concert’s backing band at a rehearsal session. The two-minute clip offers a brief glimpse into the world backstage as the group plays the opening riffs to Ink Me Up.