Move over, Aqours! There’s a new group of idols, and they’re taking their act to the virtual stage!

Earlier today, Kodansha announced that they will partner with Knights of Sidonia studio Polygon Pictures to create a new initiative, called Hop Step Sing!.

Hop Step Sing Visual 001 - 20160717

Hop Step Sing! is an idol music project, which will be specifically tailored to virtual reality systems. The current confirmed staff includes:

  • Character Design: tanu (Tari Tari)
  • Stage Concept Design: tanu
  • Music, Lyrics, & Arrangement: Yashikin
  • Music Producer: Lantis

The current confirmed cast for the project includes:

  • Niina Nijikawa: Maria Sashide
  • Shikiri Shiishiba: Mariko Toribe
  • Mikasa Minowa: Natsumi Hioka

The site project’s official website features a sprite sheet, which contains images for three other characters, who have yet to be announced:

  • Ririn Ryufukuji
  • Salieri
  • Rea Kitarumi

Hop Step Sing Sprite Sheet Visual - 20160717

The first Hop Step Sing! music video will be for new song Kiseki-teki Shining! (Miracle-like Shining!). The feature will hit VR smartphone apps later this summer. Later apps will be released on other major VR platforms, including the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Gear VR.

Several character visuals were released to promote the project, which you can check out below:

Source: MoCa News