Two new competitors are joining the Sōhoku High School cycling team!

Earlier today, the official Yowamushi Pedal: Spare Bike Twitter account unveiled two new cast members. The new members include:

  • Shūsaku Itokawa: Daisuke Sakaguchi
  • Minamizu: Mariya Ise

Visuals for the new characters were also tweeted out, which you can check out below:



Shusuku Itokawa

Shusuku Itokawa

Yowamushi Pedal: Spare Bike will be presented as two parts. The first will revolve around “Peak Spider” Yūsuke Makishima, while the second will star “Sleeping Beauty” Jinpachi Tōdō. The stories will delve into the backstories of both characters, explaining how they got into the world of competitive cycling, and overcame their own trials.

Yowamushi Pedal Spare BIKE Visual 001 - 20160711In Makishima’s case, the feature will deal with how he joined the team in his first year of high school, quickly gaining scorn from the older members due to his strange dancing style. For Todo, fans will see how he first got into the world of road racing in middle school, and how this reality almost never came to be because he didn’t want to deal with helmet head.

Yowapeda: Spare BIKE began publication in the pages of Kodansha’s Champion magazine in August 2014. Yowamushi Pedal creator Wataru Watanabe was in charge of story and artwork on the project.

Series director Osamu Nabeshima (D.Gray-man, Saint Tail) will return to the director’s chair at TMS Entertainment. Takashi Muratani will provide character designs on the feature, while the team of Mitsutaka Hirota and Ayumu Hisao writes the scripts.

The original Yowamushi Pedal anime is based on Wataru Watanabe’s manga of the same name. The series, which began airing in 2013, was helmed by Osamu Nabeshima (D.Gray-man, Saint Tail) at TMS Entertainment. Takahiko Yoshida (Welcome to the NHK, Big Windup!) provided character designs, while Reiko Yoshida (Bakuman, Girls und Panzer) took charge of series composition.

Crunchyroll currently streams Yowamushi Pedal in its entirety. The company describes the series as:

Onoda Sakamichi is a rather timid, anime-loving first-year student at Sohoku High School. Upon entering high school, he tried to join the anime research club, but after meeting Imaizumi Shunsuke, a renowned cyclist since middle school, and Naruko Shoukichi, who swept the Kansai cycling championship, he ended up joining the competitive cycling club.

A third season of Yowapeda is currently in the works, and on track for a January 2017 première.

Yowapeda Season 3 Teaser Visual 001 - 20160515

Source: Ota-suke