Blame Movie Visual 001 - 20160724Considering the property, I really can’t blame Netflix on this one…

Earlier today, Kodansha Comics revealed that the upcoming Blame! anime film was acquired by Netflix. The company plans to release the title under their “Netflix Original” label, though a specific release date has yet to be announced.

Blame! will hit Japanese theaters in 2017. The film will adapt Tsutomu Nihei’s manga of the same name. Hiroyuki Seshita (Knights of Sidonia) will helm the project at Polygon Pictures, with Nihei serving as a Creative Consultant.

Yesterday, the film’s official website updated with a 45-second teaser, which you can check out below:

The Blame! manga first hit the pages of Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine in 1998. The series ran in the publication through 2003, spanning 10 collected volumes. Tokyopop first licensed the title for publication in North America, though Vertical currently holds the rights. Vertical describes the title as:

In a future version of Earth, there is a city grown so chaotically massive that its inhabitants no longer recall what “land” is. Within this megastructure the silent, stoic Kyrii is on a mission to find the Net Terminal Gene—a genetic mutation that once allowed humans to access the cybernetic NetSphere. Armed with a powerful Graviton Beam Emitter, Kyrii fends off waves of attacks from fellow humans, cyborgs and silicon-based lifeforms. Along the way, he encounters a highly-skilled scientist whose body has deteriorated from a lengthy imprisonment who promises to help Kyrii find the Net Terminal Gene, once she settles a score for herself…

Vertical will release Blame! in omnibus volumes, with the first collected edition hitting stores on September 13.

At this weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, Nihei was presented with the Comic-Con International Inkpot award. The award recognizes individuals for “for their contributions to the worlds of comics, science fiction/fantasy, film, television, animation, and fandom services.”

Over the years, several prominent Japanese artists were granted the award, including Hayao Miyazaki, Osamu Tezuka, Monkey Punch, and Moto Hagio.

Source: Kodansha Comics Blog