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Amazon Streams Super Dimension Fortress Macross Anime

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Earlier this week, Amazon started streaming the original Super Dimension Fortress Macross anime series. All 36 episodes of the series are available in subtitled format. Amazon Prime customers will be able to watch the series as part of the Prime Video service, though episodes are also available for purchase at $0.99 each.

Super Dimension Fortress Macross is an original anime series from Tatsunoko Productions and Studio Nue. The series, which aired from 1982 through 1983, was created by Shoji Kawamori. Noboru Ishiguro (Megazone 23, Star Blazers) helmed the project, which featured character designs by Haruhiko Mikimoto (Megazone 23, Gundam Neo Experience 0087 – Green Divers). Kazutaka Miyatake (Dirty Pair: Project Eden, Crusher Joe: The OVAs) and Shoji Kawamori (Ghost in the Shell, Patlabor: The Movie) collaborated on mechanical designs, while Kenichi Matsuzaki (Mobile Suit Gundam, The Super Dimension Century Orguss) took charge of series composition.

Harmony Gold currently holds the North American rights to Macross. The series was released as part of Robotech, which combined Macross with Genesis Climber Mospeada and The Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross. Both AnimEigo and ADV Films released the series in North America, though both sets are out of print.

The most recent series in the franchise, Macross Delta, hit Japanese TV on April 3.

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