Show By Rock Short Visual 001-20160703Plasmagica’s taking Midi City by storm once again!

Earlier today, Funimation announced the English dub cast for Show By Rock!! Short!!. The series will star the following:

  • Maple: Sonny Strait
  • Cyan: Bryn Apprill
  • Chuchu: Alexis Tipton
  • Moa: Monica Rial
  • Retoree: Caitlin Glass
  • Holmy: Apphia Yu
  • Tsukino: Natalie Hoover
  • Jaclyn: Morgan Berry
  • Rosia: Mikaela Krantz
  • Crow: Mike McFarland
  • Rom: Chris Sabat
  • Aion: Jerry Jewell
  • Yaiba: Ian Sinclair

Caitlin Glass is directing the dub, which kicked off earlier today.

Show By Rock!! Short!! is a spinoff of 2015 series Show By Rock!!. Takahiro Ikezoe (Ozma) returned to the director’s chair to direct the series at Bones, while Masaru Oshiro (Show By Rock!!, Major) provided character designs. Touko Machida (Chaika – The Coffin Princess, Lucky Star) reprised her role in series composition.

Game developer Geechs has a production coöperation credit for the project.

Show By Rock!! Short!! premiered on July 4. Funimation describes the series as:

The ladies of Plasmagica are back along with the other bands from Show By Rock!! in this short new series. See what it’s like in the daily life of a rock star between jam sessions, band practice, and just hanging out together. What are the ups and downs of stardom? Have the rowdy boys of ShinganCrimsonz finally calmed down? Check out the latest in the musical world of Midi City.

Source: Funimation Blog