Moon Animate Make Up 2 - 007 - 20160802In the name of the moon, they’ll animate you!

In 2014, Kaitlin Sullivan was able to not only meet, but surpass nearly impossible challenges to create Moon Animate, Make Up! Through the project, Sullivan brought over 200 passionate, creative fans together to re-animate a full episode of Dic’s dubbed adaptation of Sailor Moon. Each cut, which spanned anywhere from one to ten seconds, was painstakingly redrawn by a different animator. Their own personal styles and touches shone through each scene, and every cut seemed to radiate personality and charm.

It was a unique coming together of talents, from passionate amateurs, to seasoned professionals, whose hard work hasn’t been ignored, as the project sailed past the two million view mark earlier this year.

Yesterday, Moon Animate, Make Up! made its triumphant return. Over 300 animators came together to breathe new life into Sailor Moon R episode “Protect Chibi-Usa: Clash of the Ten Warriors!”

In a departure from first episode, Moon Animate, Make Up! 2 features the original Japanese audio.

That said, much like its predecessor, Moon Animate, Make Up! 2 is another perfect storm of artistry and affection, which blends that absolute adoration for the original work with a dedication to stand out and shine among the other cuts. Whether it’s Usagi waking up in a cold sweat, drawn in a style reminiscent of John Kricfalusi, or a dramatic segment presented as a 1950s cartoon (complete with dancing, smiling buildings!), the many cuts are packed with visual character¬†and a sense of playful adoration.

It’s a simply fantastic watch, and should be a must for all Sailor Moon fans across the globe. To everyone that participated in Moon Animate, Make Up! 2, I salute you.

For those who missed the original, the feature is available in its entirety on YouTube. We’ve included it below, so definitely give it a watch!