The fleet is ready for its next deployment, and it’s sure to be massive!

Yesterday, the KanColle anime staff unveiled a new visual for the upcoming KanColle movie. The image, which was unveiled at the “KanColle Naval Review” fan event, features the five leads, posing in the shallows of the sea.

KanColle Movie Visual 001 - 20160807

In addition, the team revealed that the feature will hit Japanese theaters on November 26. As of press time, cast and crew have yet to be announced.

The KanColle film was first announced at a fan event in August 2015. At the event, the crew screened footage that featured the following characters:

  • Akagi
  • Chōkai Kaini
  • Fubuki
  • Furutaka Kaini
  • Hiryū Kaini
  • Kaga
  • Kako Kaini
  • Kitakami
  • Kongō sisters (Kaini)
  • Kuma
  • Mutsu
  • Mutsuki
  • Nagato
  • Ōi
  • Ōyodo
  • Shimakaze
  • Sōryū Kaini
  • Shōkaku
  • Yūbari
  • Yūdachi
  • Zuikaku

The KanColle anime series aired during the winter 2015 broadcast season. The show was helmed by Keizou Kusakawa (Sekirei, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A’s) at diomedea, with the team of Mayuko Matsumoto and Naomi Ide providing character designs. Jukki Hanada (Love Live! School idol project, Nichijou – My Ordinary Life) was in charge of series composition.

In North America, Sentai Filmworks currently holds the rights to KanColle. Crunchyroll streamed the show as it aired in Japan. They describe it as:

Set in a world where humanity has lost control of the oceans to the “deep sea fleet,” the only hope to counter this threat are the Kanmusu, a group of girls who possess the spirit of Japanese warships. The story revolves around Fubuki, a destroyer who comes to the Chinjufu base to train with other Kanmusu. Watch as their stories unfold!

Source: MoCa News