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Yesterday, Media Blasters unveiled the full English dub cast for Rio – Rainbow Gate! The series will star the following:

  • Rio Rollins: Amber Lee Connors
  • Mint Clark: Amanda Julina
  • Rina Tachibana: Brittany Lauda
  • Anya Hellsing: Natalie Hoover
  • Elle Adams: Amanda Lee
  • Ille Adams: Caitlynn French
  • Rosa Canyon: Natalie Van Sistine
  • Mr. Clark: Todd Haberkorn
  • Tom Howard: Mike Pollock
  • Dana: Michelle Rojas
  • Tiffany: Melissa Sternenburg
  • Cartia Goldschmidt: Marissa Lenti
  • Linda: Sarah Anne Williams
  • Jack Mighty: Kira Buckland
  • Queen: Michele Knotz
  • King: Matt Shipman
  • Yang-Yang: Cheryl Li
  • Bull Hard: Billy Bob Thompson
  • Olrin Dunhill: Jason Marnocha
  • Elvis: Vic Mignogna
  • Joker: Meli Grant
  • Carlos: Anthony Sardinha
  • Robert: Eddy Lee
  • Jane: Felecia Angelle
  • Irina: Emily Fajardo
  • Ray: Howard Wang
  • Charlie: Nick Landis

Rio Rainbow Gate Dub Cast Reveal 001 - 20160820

Rio Rainbow Gate Dub Cast Reveal 002 - 20160820

Media Blasters made the reveal at the Liberty City Anime Con. The company previously revealed the roles for Rio, Elvis, Anya, and Rosa with a three-minute teaser clip.

Rio Rainbow Gate Visual 001 - 20160229Sound Cadence Studios and Fever Dreams Sound Factory are collaborating on the dub’s production. Amber Lee Connors is directing the dub with Brittany Lauda. The team of Connors, Howard Wang, and Justin Briner will collaborate on the scripts.

The remaining dub staff includes:

  • ADR Engineering (Sound Cadence): Amber Lee Connors, Howard Wang
  • ADR Engineer (NJ): Justin Ramos
  • Assistant ADR Director: Howard Wang
  • Assistant ADR Director (NJ): Matt Shipman
  • Production Assistant (Sound Cadence): Justin Briner

Rio – Rainbow Gate! is an original series, based on the character by pachislot company Net and video game publisher Tecmo (Dead Or Alive). The series, which originally rain in the winter 2011 anime season, was directed by Takao Kato (Pandora Hearts, To Love-Ru) at Xebec. Mayori Sekijima (Saber Marionette J, Skip Beat!) took charge of series composition, while Hisashi Shimura contributed character designs.

Media Blasters acquired Rio in 2013, and released a subtitle-only DVD set in 2014.

Rio as a character has been in existence since 2003, where she appeared in Net’s Super Black Jack game franchise. She’s appeared in several games since, including 2005’s Rio’s Carnival and PSP game Dead or Alive Paradise.

The series is currently available in its entirety on Crunchyroll.

Source: Twitter (MediaBlasters)