That high-pitched whine you’re hearing is your wallet screaming for mercy.

Earlier this week, record label Milan Records took to Twitter to tease their next big release. The label hinted that they will release Symphonic Suite Akira, the symphony recording of the influential 1988 film’s soundtrack, on vinyl.

Milan Records will reveal more details in the future. Unlike previous titles, the release will not be a limited run, and plenty of copies will be available for interested customers.

Milan Records is a Los Angeles-based label, which specializes in film scores and soundtracks. The company was founded in 1978 by current CEO Emmanuel Chamboredo. Several anime soundtracks are in the company’s library, including The Boy And The Beast and Buy Blood Blockade Battlefront.

In recent years, Milan Recoreds has become known for its boutique vinyl releases of prominent film scores. Notable releases include The Terminator and Birdman.

Symphonic Suite Akira was first released in 1988 by Victor Entertainment. The album blends a symphonic recording of key musical pieces from the Akira soundtrack with dialogue from the film.

Source: Crunchyroll (Thanks to Daniel Zelter for the tip!)