Class is back in session, and Ui Wakana’s ready to resume her presidential duties!

Earlier today, the official My Wife is the Student Council President!+ anime website updated with a new visual. The image features Ui Wakana, Ayane Niikura, and Karen Fujisaki in a laid back setup.

My Wife Is The Student Council President Visual 001 - 20160826

The site also updated with an announcement that the show will d├ębut on October 2, on AT-X.

The original My Wife is the Student Council President is a short-form comedy, which aired during the Summer 2015 broadcast season. Hiroyuki Furukawa filled the dual role of director and character designer at studio Seven.

The show’s voice cast includes:

  • Ui Wakana: Ayana Taketatsu
  • Hayato Izumi: Kazuyuki Okitsu
  • Ayane Niikura: Aoi Fujimoto
  • Sawatari: Juri Nagatsuma
  • Rin Misumi: Minami Tsuda
  • Kei Misumi: Ryoko Shiraishi
  • Misato Wakana: Tomoko Kaneda
  • Karen Fujisaki: Yoshie Sugiyama

Media Blasters currently holds the rights to the show’s first season, which they intend to release on Blu-Ray. The show will receive a dub, which will star Brittany Lauda as Ui Wakana.

A short promotional teaser was released in January to announce the show’s second season.

Source: Comic Natalie