isekai-shokudo-novel-cover-001-20160907So, this isn’t quite a restaurant at the end of the universe, more than it is a restaurant in a new universe.

Earlier today, light novel author Junpei Inuzuka published a new entry to his Shosetsu-ka ni Naro blog. In the piece, Inuzuka revealed that his Isekai Shokudo (Alternate-World Restaurant) light novels will receive an anime adaptation. According to the author, details on the project will be unveiled in the future.

Junpei Inuzuka published the first Isekai Shokudo story on Japanese site Shosetsu-ka ni Naro (Let’s Become Novelists!) in 2013. The first print edition was released in February 2015, under Shufunotomo’s Hero Bunko. Shufunotomo’s published versions feature illustrations by Katsumi Inami.

To date, two volumes have been published. The third book is slared to hit retailers on September 30. A manga adaptation of the title is also in the works, which will d├ębut in Square Enix’s Young Gangan magazine. According to Inuzuka, the manga will share the same first chapter as the original work, though subsequent chapters will diverge from the original books.

Source: Nijipoji