ancient-magus-bride-visual-001-20160910Even ancient magi need companionship, apparently.

Earlier today, Crunchyroll announced that they’ve added the first part of The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star (Maho Tsukai no Yome: Hoshi Matsu Hito) to their streaming lineup. The 23-minute feature is available for all Crunchyroll members outside of Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau.

The Ancient Magus’ Bride: Those Awaiting a Star hit Japanese retailers on August 13. The feature, which is based on Kore Yamazaki’s manga of the same name, was helmed by Norihiro Naganuma (Yowamushi Pedal Movie [2015]) at Wit Studio. Hirotaka Kato (Eyeshield 21, Hozuki no Reitetsu) provided character designs.

In addition to directorial duties, Norihiro Naganuma was in charge of series composition.

Crunchyroll describes the title as:

Chise Hatori, 15 years old.

Lost, without hope, and without family, she is bought for money – not by another person, but by a non-human sorcerer named Elias. Though she hesitates, she begins life anew as his apprentice and future wife.

She moves on with her new and peaceful life, slowly but surely, until one day, when she finds a Japanese picture book among the many sent to her from London by Angelica. It is a fateful book that discovered her in her younger years, when she was still troubled and lonely.

This piece is a prequel to Chise’s encounter with the Thorn Sorcerer.

Chise Hatori, eight years old.

This is my story.

Seven Seas currently holds the domestic license for the original The Ancient Magus’ Bride manga. They’ve released all five volumes in North America, with the most recent hitting stores on July 5.

Source: Crunchyroll (Thanks to L.B. Bryant for the tip!)