Miyuki Sawashiro Cast As New Shinigami in Live Action Death Note Sequel

ama-01Let’s face it; we’re used to hearing voice actress Miyuki Sawashiro in a variety of roles including Acchan in AKB0048, the title character in Canaan, Puchiko in the various incarnations of Di Gi Charat, the landlady in the various Hidamari Sketch series and many, many others. Did you ever imagine that you’d get to hear her as a beautiful Shinigami though?

The official website for the sequel movie Death Note Light up the NEW world revealed earlier this week that the popular voice actress will be playing the role of Ama, a beautiful shinigami who feels a greater sense of sympathy towards the humans.

What I find most interesting about this upcoming film (which releases in Japan theaters on October 29th after a three episode prequel premieres on Hulu on September 16th) is the story. In this sequel, the main characters are a cyber terrorist who has inherted the genes of Light and the detective who has inherted the genes of L come forward.

Even more interesting though is that this film will be utilizing a special rule that was present in the original manga but not any other adaptations which is the “Six-Note Rule”. The “Six-Note Rule” means that only six Death Notes are allowed exist at any particular time in the human world. This makes for an interesting twist and makes me want to see this movie all the more and I hope that we eventually get a stateside theatrical release (Are you there Viz Media? It’s me, L.B.).


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