Even though Sony’s given up on the Vita, Funimation’s still happy to give anime fans what they want on the little handheld that could.

Earlier today, Funimation announced that they’re re-vamping their FunimationNow service. In addition to new streaming apps, the publisher will make several updates to the core service.


The company will release upgraded streaming apps on several platforms, including:

  • XBox game consoles
  • PlayStation game consoles
  • Roku
  • Apple TV

Most notable, though, is that a FunimationNow app is in the works for Sony’s PlayStation Vita.



For those who don’t want to go the app route, Funimation is rebuilding the company’s website and streaming portal.

The new site will include a responsive layout for a consistent experience across PC, tablet, and mobile platforms. The video player is being revamped and optimized for mobile platforms.


Funimation will make improvements to their search engine. The new engine will allow users to search by title, keywords, genre, and year.

The publisher will also put a new user-specific recommendation system into place. Much like Netflix, the site will suggest shows based on user viewing habits.

The new FunimationNow site will also implement measures to promote catalog content. A new Follow feature will notify users of new updates and episodes for shows of their choosing. Furthermore, Funimation will maintain curated “mood-themed” playlists, which will be regularly updated.

Source: FunimationNow