It’s time to light up the new world with a familiar artifact.

Earlier today, Comic Natalie started streaming a new clip for upcoming film Death Note: Light Up the New World. The 25-second teaser features Sakura Aoi (Rina Kawaei) using the Death Note, as well as the “Shinigami Eyes” to kill a random pedestrian.

Death Note: Light Up the New World is the sequel to 2006’s live-action Death Note and Death Note: The Last Name films. The feature is set in today’s world, which is beset by the horrors of cyber-terrorism. It’s in this unique environment that a pair of new characters, who “inherited the DNA” or Light Yagami and L arise. The two new masterminds are drawn to do battle against one another, for the control of the six Death Notes on Earth.

death-note-light-up-the-new-world-visual-001-20161003Shinsuke Sato (Gantz: Perfect Answer, Library Wars) directed the feature, with Warner Brothers distributing. Namie Amuro will perform theme song Dear Diary, as well as insert song Fighter.

The confirmed cast includes:

  • Yuki Shien: Masaki Suda
  • Ryuzaki: Sousuke Ikematsu
  • Tsukuru Mishima: Masahiro Higashide
  • Sakura Aoi: Rina Kawaei
  • Sho Nanase: Mina Fujii
  • Kenichi Mikuriya: Eiichiro Funakoshi
  • Misa Amane: Erika Toda
  • Ryuk: Shidou Nakamura
  • Tota Matsuda: Sota Aoyama
  • Ama: Miyuki Sawashiro (Voice-Over)

Death Note: Light Up the New World will hit Japanese theaters on October 29. Three-episode prequel series Death Note: New Generation started streaming in its entirety on Hulu on September 16.

A visual of Miyuki Sawashiro’s “Ama” character was released last week, which you can check out below:


Source: Comic Natalie