kodansha-logo-001-20161009Do you want to upset Japan’s largest publisher? Because that is how you upset Japan’s largest publisher!

On October 3, Kodansha lodged a formal complaint against online retailer Amazon’s Japanese branch. According to the publisher, Amazon had removed over 1,000 Kodansha titles from its Kindle Unlimited service, which allows subscribers instant access to a selection of e-books.

Publisher Kobunsha filed a similar complaint, arguing that 550 of their titles were removed from Kindle Unlimited.

Kodansha’s complaint claims that Amazon made a “one-sided decision” to remove the titles, without informing the publisher. Kodansha asked that Amazon recosider their decision to pull the titles, which left the service on September 30.

amazon-logo-001-20161009Kindle Unlimited launched in Japan on August 3. The service currently boasts over 1.2 million foreign titles, as well as 120,000 Japanese publications. According to Japan Times, Amazon pays publishers a regular fee, as well as a year-end incentive for each user who reads more tha 10% of a publication.

Japan Times reports that popular magazines, manga, and photo collections began to disappear from Kindle Unlimited by mid-August. The publication continued, stating that “Amazon told publishers that some titles saw more-than-expected demand and its budget had run out.”

According to the source, manga, magazines, and photo collections began disappearing from the service in mid-August. The Japan Times additionally cited a publishing industry source that stated Amazon told the publishers its budget ran out after some titles saw demand beyond what Amazon expected.

Sources: Kodansha, Japan Times