Soon, parenting is going to get a lot more virtual… and Gainax-y.

On Sunday, South Korean game developer MGame anounced that they are developing a Princess Maker game that will be compatible with virtual reality headsets. The game, which has the working title of Princess Maker VR, will be based on Princess Maker 2. The title is expected to hit consoles and the PC in 2017.


The news was announced at the Korea VR Festival 2016 event. During the show, MGame showed off a demo of the game, which used HTC’s Vive headset. The game is played from the Father’s perspective, and allows players to select their fictional daughter’s hairstyles and clothing.

Players could interact with their virtual family member by petting her on the head, or by praising her appearance.

Princess Maker made its d├ębut in 1991. Gainax’s Takami Akai created, designed, and directed the franchise, which were among the first in the bishoujo simulation genre. To date, five core entries have been released, with the most recent (Princess Maker 5) hitting the PC in 2007. PlayStation 2 and PlayStation Portable versions were released in 2008.

Princess Maker 2 first hit Japanese retailers in 1993. In 2004, Gainax and Koreak publisher CFK an enhanced port titled Princess Maker 2 Refine was released on the PlayStation 2 and PC. On September 27, both Gainax and CFK revealed that they will release the entire Princess Maker franchise on Steam.

Source: 4Gamer