HeraChanMy fellow anime fans, good evening.

Over the past few years, we’ve tried to take on the always bleeding edge of the anime world. From impressions to early reviews, we’ve made attempts to bring our views on the newest shows to you, dear readers, without sacrificing our overall quality. Due to a few factors, though – lack of resources, time, and so on, we’ve really been unable to deliver on that promise.

So, rather than try to hit everything each season, we’ll be taking a slightly different approach.

Starting this week, we’ll be forming the Herald Anime Club.

At the beginning of each season, four members will┬ávote on a show that we’d like to discuss in detail. Every week, we’ll gather to share our impressions and insights on the week’s happening. At key points in the season, we’ll take a broader approach, to talk about our thoughts on the season’s offerings as a whole.

Overall, though, the Herald Anime Club will be like a good book club. Freeform, with few real restrictions, and a decent amount of banter. I hope that you all join the club, as we take on our first title: Drifters.