It’s time to take a trip to JapariPark for a safari like no other!

Earlier today, the official Kemono Friends (Beast Friends) anime website updated with a new promo video. The 30-second teaser features a glimpse of the show in action, as well as a confirmation of several core staff members.

The site also revealed the show’s major voice cast, which you can check out below:

  • Serval: Yuka Ozaki
  • Fennec: Kana Motomiya
  • Common Racoon: Saki Ono
  • Kaban: Aya Uchida

Penguins Performance Project (Japaripark’s Idol Unit)

  • Royal Penguin: Mikoi Sasaki
  • Koutei (Emperor) Penguin: Ruka Nemoto
  • Gentoo Penguin: Kyouka Tamura
  • Iwatobi (Rockhopper) Penguin: Aina Aiba
  • Humboldt Penguin: Tsukuda Yukoko

Visuals for the characters were unveiled, as well. You can check these out below:

The show will hit Japanese TV networks, including TV Tokyo, in January 2017. Twelve episodes, plus live-action special segments are planned.

kemono-friends-visual-001-20161022Kemono Friends
is based on Nexon’s smartphone game of the same name. TATSUKI will direct the show at Yaoyorozu, with Shigenori Tanabe (Danchi Tomoo) writing and overseeing the show’s scripts. Sgt. Frog creator Mine Yoshizaki is credited with the original character concept designs.

Other staff members include:

  • Sound Director: Nobuyuki Abe
  • Animation Director: Yoshihisa Isa
  • Art Director: YĆ«ko Shiromizu

Source: Comic Natalie