Back in March, it was revealed at a special live stream event that the manga series Scum’s Wish (Kuzu no Honkai) would be getting an anime adaptation, which would air during the January NoitaminA block in Japan. Since that time, fans of the series have been waiting patiently for additional information but have been disappointed day after day, week after week, month after month. Finally though, a break in the clouds appeared this morning as the official website for the upcoming series began streaming a 30-second promotional video which reveals a key visual along with the primary crew members for the series.

According to the above promotional video, the animation will be produced by studio Lerche (Assassination Classroom, School-Live!) with Masaomi Ando (School-Live!) serving as director. Other names attached to this project include Makoto Uezu (Akame ga KILL!, Heroic Legend of Arslan) taking care of series composition and Masaru Yokoyama (The Lost Village) composing the background music.

You can check out the full key visual below:

(C) Yokoyari Mengo / SQUARE ENIX · "of debris Honkai" Production Committee

(C) Yokoyari Mengo / SQUARE ENIX · “of debris Honkai” Production Committee

If you’re not already familiar with this series, it is being released in English digitally by Crunchyroll with Yen Press handling physical distribution at a yet-to-be-determined later date.

According to my research, the Scum’s Wish follows two teenagers named Hanabi and Mugi who, on the surface, appear to be an ideal couple living a pretty ideal life. What outsiders don’t realize, though, is that their relationship is mostly a farce as both of these individuals are actually in love with someone else. They stay together and remain physically intimate for the sake of staving off their loneliness and despair of not being able to be with the ones that they truly love. But how long can this last?

Mengo Yokoyari’s original manga has been serialized in Square Enix’s Big Gangan magazine since September 2012. The seventh volume will be released in Japan in late December.

When I first heard about this series being announced for a TV anime adaptation, I didn’t pay much attention. Now that I know some of the names attached and have done some research into the story, though, I’m torn on whether I want to watch this. Not because I think it’s going to be bad in the least, but more because if this series is done well it could be absolutely heartbreaking or even just plain emotionally devastating to watch.

Original Announcement PV

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