Hello readers, and welcome to an all-new AniWeekly! This Tuesday, millions of residents in the United States will file into their polling places to cast a ballot for president of the nation (plus numerous other initiatives). It’s an important time, and one that’s sure to be on the minds of many as we enter the new week.

For now, though, we’re here to step away from the stress and insanity of the election cycle to bring you a heaping dose of anime fun.

In The News

This ride gets longer by the day. The Long Riders! anime series saw another delay this week. Episode 5 of the series was pushed back by a week, due to production issues.

The world’s greatest thief is back! Discotek Media announced that they licensed Lupin III: Part IV. The series will hit DVD in 2017, in both dubbed and subtitled formats.

It’s time to gather the Clow Cards… er… again. The latest issue of Nakayoshi magazine confirmed that a Cardcaptor Sakura anime project is in the works.


Nichijou’s back! That is all. Over the weekend, Funimation announced that they licensed Nichijou – My Ordinary Life. The series will hit DVD and Blu-Ray on February 7.


Dragon dragon, rock the dragon! Dragon Ball Super! Funimation announced that they will simulcast Dragon Ball Super as part of their ongoing digital library. The company will produce a dub, though specific casting details are still unknown.

Those mechanical arms got their swole on. Animator Sae Okamoto’s Kickstarter produce animated feature Mecha-Ude completed with $67,918 in funding. A total of 999 backers contributed to the project, each with an average contribution of $67.99 per backer.

Ai-Mai-Mi-yi-yi! Short-form comedy series Ai Mai Mi is getting a third season. The series is currently on track for a 2017 première.

From The AniBlogging Community

Musicology! Old school joints for the true funk soldiers! Atelier Emily takes a close look at Sound Euphonium. Specifically, she looks at the show’s uninterrupted seven-and-a-half-minute performance of Crescent Moon Dance, and the many finer details throughout that flesh out the show’s cast.

Weekly Fun Stuff!

Tonight, we’re taking a moment to celebrate Funimation’s new Nichijou license. LoneSaiyan115’s BaBOOM!!! blends the kinetic energy of the show with, of all things, a perky Game Grumps audio remix. Trust me. It works better than it sounds.