Gainax Fukushima president Yoshinori Asao

Gainax Fukushima president Yoshinori Asao

It’s anime to the rescue for the city of Minamisōma!

On Sunday, Gainax Fukushima announced that they are working on a new anime project, tiled Rescue Academia. The project was unveiled by studio president Yoshinori Asao at a press conference.

Asao also revealed that Yui Makino and Taku Yashiro will voice characters in the title.

Rescue Academia will be set in Fukushima prefecture’s Minamisōma city. The feature will focus on a lead who’s hard on their luck, and working on rescue efforts in the region. The title aims to depict a growing relationship between the protagonist and a robot, as well as a the budding friendship of a group of children.

Gainax Fukushima is producing Rescue Academia as a means of promoting Fukushima’s Innovation Coast initiative, which hopes to revive the region’s industry and tourism industries. The title will feature local crafts, like Ōborisōmayaki throughout.

Rescue Academia is in production, and on track for a 2018 première. Gainax hopes to give the project a TV broadcast.

Sources: Otakomu, Minyu-net